Terms of Sales and Delivery

Inflatom ApS

Sales and delivery terms



Only orders for which there is a written order confirmation (acceptance) from the seller are binding, and only in terms of the conditions contained in the order confirmation. 


2.     PRICES
All sales are made at the price specified in the order confirmation/offer
All prices are from the seller's warehouse, unless otherwise expressly stated in the offer or order confirmation.
We reserve the right to adjust the price stated in the order confirmation, provided that there is a change in the equipment’s factory price in the time between the order confirmation date and delivery. The buyer pays VAT and other government charges at a percentage/amount to be determined by the seller. If the offer/order confirmation states that the item in question is for import in a particular currency, we reserve the right to adjust the sales price by the difference between the exchange rates specified in the offer/order confirmation. 


Delivery is considered complete when the products are submitted for delivery by the courier. The seller shall not be liable for any delay or non-delivery due to delays or difficulties in delivery on the part of the seller’s suppliers, transport hindrances, force majeure, strikes or other causes outside the seller's control. 


Unless otherwise expressly stated in the offer/order confirmation, payment terms are 50% upon order and 50% prior to delivery at the delivery address.
After the due date, interest is accrued per month or part thereof.
All equipment is the property of Inflatom ApS until payment has been received.


Immediately after the item has been received, the buyer must examine it. If the buyer subsequently has a claim, written notice stating the nature of the defect must be sent to the seller within 8 days of the date when the buyer has, or should have, discovered the defect.
If the buyer documents that there are defects in the design, material or manufacture of some delivered parts, the buyer is entitled to have only the defective parts replaced and/or repaired or modified by the seller, as preferred by the buyer. In addition, the buyer will pay all costs of shipping, labour and other costs associated with delivery to the manufacturer, disassembly and assembly, etc.
Any defects caused by errors relating to manufacturing or materials will not be compensated. Changes and modifications to the delivered goods will exempt the seller from any liability. The seller reserves the right to reject a complaint if the equipment is not received in a clean, dry condition.

Unless otherwise specified in the offer/order confirmation, a 12-month warranty is provided for products purchased from Inflatom ApS.
For products with extended warranty (36 months), this shall be granted solely for the equipment itself. Mechanical and electrical parts are only subject to a 12-month warranty.
There shall be no right of complaint for used equipment.
The seller is never obliged to compensate the buyer for loss of earnings or any other indirect losses
The size of the inflatable equipment may vary in relation to the offer. The print on the equipment can vary in size and print quality. It is produced with an inkjet printer, which is why print lines can appear on the graphics.
Please note that the blowers for inflatable equipment must not run without load. 


Cancellation of orders can only occur with the consent of Inflatom ApS’ suppliers. In case of cancellation, a fee of at least 15% of the order amount is debited to cover costs related to the cancellation.
Orders for special designs and special products cannot be cancelled.


All inflatable equipment that is used in public must be approved and inspected in accordance with the Ministry of Justice’s "Circular on public amusement rides". Inspection and approval is the responsibility of the buyer, and the seller cannot be held liable if the equipment has not been inspected and approved for use.
In connection with the use of the equipment, the seller can in no way be made liable to a third party.
The buyer shall bear responsibility for taking out the necessary insurance in connection with the use of the equipment.


All disputes regarding these terms and conditions and deliveries from the seller shall be decided in the seller’s premises and under Danish law